Happy 2016!

To all of my wonderful followers and clients, thank you for all your support, faith, commitment and humour in 2015.  I love sharing Reflexology with you all and like a proud mum, I'm so happy for all the great benefits you receive from putting yourself my hands and experiencing this wonderful therapy.

I wish you all an incredible, inspiring and exciting year ahead.  May all your hopes and dreams come true and that your positivity shines through.

I look forward to seeing you here or in my therapy room in 2016.

Warmest wishes

Christmas Gift Ideas for the hard to satisfy

As mentioned yesterday on Instagram, I've got a bit of a different approach to Christmas present buying this year.

It's been lovely... I've spent the last two weeks getting my much-yearned-for friends and family fix back in the UK. While there, I took the opportunity to purchase presents for them, save coming back to Sydney, buying them here and creating unnecessary postage and carbon footprint getting them delivered back to everyone.

But, as we've got Mr. L's family coming out to Sydney to visit us for Christmas, in order to support small business owners and their livelihoods, I've decided I'm going to buy their presents locally, shopping in the wonderful little independent retailers just a stones throw from our apartment.  The choice of where to spend my money here is huge actually, a welcome change from the sparse offerings that were open to us back in the deepest parts of Essex.

If you are struggling to know what to buy your nearest and dearest... the awkward mother-in-law who has everything or seemingly likes nothing, or perhaps you have left it till the last minute to get out to the shops and have opted to do your purchasing online, may I suggest you gift something a little bit different this year and buy one of my Reflexology or Natural Facelift Gift Vouchers. 

Each gift voucher is for a 1 hour treatment. And for a limited time, I'm doing a festive discount, giving you $20 off a voucher.  You'll need to put in the coupon code at the checkout to get the reduction.

Or you could buy one and spoil yourself?

Conveniently, once purchased, the Gift Vouchers can either be printed or emailed immediately. Easy peasy :)

Buy Gift Vouchers Here

Merry Christmas!


Reflexology points - Hormones & Stress

There are days when I just can't be bothered and feel out of sorts, and although there's nothing physically wrong with me, I'm aware that as a woman, it can simply be put down to hormonal surges that occur at certain times of the month.

These reflex points are some of my favourites, in terms of the immediate effectiveness they provide when worked.  Particularly effective to women as hormonal imbalance will annoyingly encroach our life at some time or another; puberty, childbirth, menopause... you get the idea!

So focusing on specific areas of the foot, spending just a few minutes each week to kick-start and maintain our body will re-balance any hormones and at the same time, alleviate stress and tension in the body.

Starting at the top of the foot; applying pressure with the thumb on the fleshy part of the underside of the toe (Pituitary Gland), then move across the bottom of the big toe (Thyroid), pressing down on the Adrenal Gland reflex to stabilise stress hormone secretions before moving down to hold the ovary and uterus reflexes, either side of the heel.

Doing these moves on my own feet alleviates the niggling feelings but by taking a few minutes out of the day, removing myself from everything that goes on around me just to focus on the activity itself is very nurturing and good for my mind and spirit.

Working these pressure points on the hands too, is just as effective.



Reflexology and getting pregnant

For some couples, the journey to becoming pregnant isn't as straightforward as they first believed. 

Often, when a woman contacts me to enquire about Reflexology and what it can do to help her conceive, she has arrived way down the line, and on advice, research or recommendation. 

Success stories offer hope and Reflexology a possible solution, particularly for women that have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility or with reproductive issues such as PCOS or Endometriosis that limit the window of opportunity for getting pregnant.

So how can Reflexology help fertility?  As an experienced fertility Reflexologist we work together to encourage the body to operate in the way it should naturally behave.  Pinpointing specific locations on the feet and applying special techniques will help to balance hormones, particularly those glands that directly affect the reproductive system - the Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Thyroid and of course the Ovaries and Uterus.

Furthermore, medical experts confirm that there is substantial evidence linking infertility and stress.  When trying to get pregnant, dealing with daily stresses; jobs and family, combined with identifying the right time for ovulation and lovemaking, on top of coping with months of trying to fall pregnant, takes its toll on our systems.  An excess of stress triggers emotional and physical problems; and in reproductive terms, menstrual disorders for women and impotence in men.  Encouragingly, when a husband or partner is treated with Reflexology too, the chances of conception are undoubtedly boosted. 

Couples report feeling more in control of the process of conception, their well being improves, they feel much better in themselves, more positive and able to cope with the challenges of conception and life in general.

It's a cliche, but as with all things in life, there are no guarantees of success. But I've met and treated many couples with the desire and a positive attitude to Reflexology and for many of them, combining regular treatments with improvements in health and lifestyle have given them the result they were hoping for.

It's very easy to feel overwhelmed with options to assist in becoming pregnant, there's not a one-size-fits-all solution.  Reflexology can be used as a complementary treatment to those wanting a natural way to conceive, but conversely, those women having fertility treatments such as Clomid or even IVF can benefit from the calm and relaxing, non invasive approach, Reflexology treatments will give.




There's a new healthy eating and wellness book I'm just starting to read that I thought you might be interested to learn about too.  As you may have seen in the media, it's the best selling book that the very talented singer songwriter Sam Smith has just recently and successfully, lost weight with the help of.

Yeah I know, you might be thinking 'not another healthy eating book for another so-called guru', but I love absorbing any facts about health and wellness and I really don't think there's such a thing as having too much of a variety of information when forming your own opinions and habits on this topic.

Likewise and if nothing else, I find that I need to read new nutrition books to get additional tried and tested recipes, otherwise I get fed up with the same old go-to dish and the temptation of a take-away or pre-packaged meal becomes too irresistible.

Amelia Freer's Eat.Nourish.Glow. is helping reinforce how important and powerful eating natural, healthy food is to our long term health and well being but what makes her book so engaging and acceptable is that she keeps her professional advice simple and encouraging, gently emphasising that it's okay to take small steps so that you won't feel as if you are going cold turkey on those guilty, not-so-good-for-you foods. Falling off the wagon isn't something she berates us for, she gives you this lovely guilt-free sense that I've not found in other books.

As I've said before, when it comes to our health, well being and fitness, we have to Kick Butt. Nobody else is going to do it for us.  You won't get the healthy mind, body and spirit just by sitting back and thinking about it, so just start somewhere, anywhere... just make a start.

Amelia is a qualified Nutritional Therapist, like many diet focused professionals I'm currently following with fascination. To be honest, Amelia makes a lot of sense and I'm really starting to think that it would be a good move to book a session with one of them to review my food habits and have a 'reset'. 

Do you believe that adding a healthy eating guru to your holistic well being armoury in addition to, and to complement the other therapies you are practising? Would be a logical, smart move to make? I believe so.

Have you ever seen a dietician or nutritional therapist and how did you find their advice? 

Easy to follow, a hard discipline to manage?

Have a great day.


P.S. Just sometimes, in order to be the best version of yourself, you may need some professional help, guidance and advice along the way.  Or perhaps someone to take those reins.  Remember that Reflexology and Natural Facelift Therapy can play a wonderful part in bringing some healthy balance and harmony to your mind, body and spirit. Like all of my clients, if that's your personal goal, I can help you make a start today :)