Quit dairy and animal produce with these Vegan Brownie Bites

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What’s your favourite healthy, mindful, conscious sweet bake and how often do you make it?

Since I started #nosocialmediasundays, there’s more space to eat, create and be out in nature. Like making a batch of these beauties!

I’ve been experimenting recently with the sweetness of these vegan brown bites and last weekend, I swapped up agave syrup for rice malt syrup.

They were pretty tasty before, but now I think I might have nailed the flavour.

They are a little less sickly with the same level of gooeyness.

The next challenge is to only eat one a day. And that takes all my fricken discipline!

This bake is adapted from Natasha Corrett’s brownie recipe from her Honestly Healthy Book.

Talking of books, a personal goal I have this year is to write my own book. Although I love a good recipe book with all those stunning drool-worthy images, being a chef or baker isn’t in my zone of genius and a cook book from me isn’t likely to make a best seller.

I hope you enjoy making them, and don’t forget to tag me in your Instagram posts @samanthalennietherapy, because I love to see your creations 😍

You’ll need:

100g dates
2 tablespoons chia seeds
6 tablespoons of water (a little more if the mix is on the dry side)
45g coconut oil, melted
85g tahini
50ml rice milk
80g agave syrup or rice malt syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
pinch of pink salt or celtic salt
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
30g coconut flour
50g cacao powder

To make:

Put dates in a bowl, cover with hot water and soak for 20 minutes

Preheat oven to 170c or gas 3

Line a shallow baking tin with baking parchment

Put chia seeds and water in a bowl and leave to soak

Drain dates and put in a blender with the coconut oil, tahini, milk, syrup and vanilla extract

Blend until mostly smooth (lumps are fine)

Pour the blended mixture into the bowl of dry ingredients, mix and then add the chia seeds

You’ll have a relatively thick batter

Pour mix into the prepared tin, shake so that it reaches the sides

Bake for 25-30 mins. Check after 20 minutes with a skewer. A dry skewer means it’s done.

Remove and let cool on a wire rack.

Sieve a little cacao power on the top and cut into squares.



Heal Thyself


No therapist can force change and healing in a person. Healing comes from within yourself, as nature and the soul intends.

Yet, I have found that for us to receive the absolute healing of oneself as cleanly and effectively as possible, it requires support, wisdom, empathy and connection from another.

To think and believe we can facilitate our own healing without inspiration or guidance or expertise from others is coming from a place of ego and self sabotage.

We are all connected and achieve the best of outcomes through connection. We do not need to feel like we are on our own, isolated, and doing it singlehandedly.

Seek, reach out and receive help today. Connect with your intuition and let that be your guide to finding the facilitator for you. Receive the support to heal and observe the improvement in your wellbeing.

And feel the appreciation, joy, respect and friendship that comes from working with another, those additional, unexpected benefits that arise from connection both physically and energetically 🙏🏻

When did you last reach out for some help and what did you receive from the experience?

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Reflexology for Pregnancy

Pregnancy Reflexology

Pregnancy has a profound effect on women's bodies and our lives.  With a specialist form of Pregnancy Reflexology, I support women through their 2nd, 3rd Trimester and preparation for labour with calming, priming, relaxing and de-stressing Reflexology treatments that help balance both the mind and body, and their unborn baby as a result.

As the body copes with all the physiological and emotional changes that take place, Reflexology can be a comforting, beneficial support for common pregnancy ailments such as back ache and pains, digestive issues, tiredness, sickness, dizziness and fluid retention.  It is both a preventative and remedial therapy.

Research has shown that regular reflexology treatments during pregnancy can shorten the duration of labour, with women often requiring less pain-relief during the course of delivery.  A birth plan that includes Reflexology techniques for relaxation and stimulation where necessary is a useful and practical tool and some women and their partners find these techniques of real comfort during the initial phase of labour.

Many new mums also find Reflexology helpful in the first few days and weeks after labour, to help care for and support low mood, lactation, digestion, aches and pains, and encouraging the body to get back to it's natural, healthy state.

With newborn babies, breastfeeding, recovery from the trauma of birth itself and poor sleeping & settling can be helped with gentle, soothing Reflexology moves on their little feet.

During my pregnancies, I found that to be able to find a trusted therapist that could offer me a place to relax, express my feelings about pregnancy and understand exactly what I was going through, so fundamental for my wellbeing.

That's my aim for you, when you take sessions with me.

Sam x

Reflexology for Fertility

With specialist Fertility Reflexology, I support couples with conception issues, including women with unexplained fertility, miscarriage, endometriosis and PCOS, and those women taking fertility medication such as Clomid, Metformin and those undergoing IVF.

For men, the healing power of Fertility Reflexology can help with issues that can cause infertility such as a low sperm count, exhaustion and anxiety which can arise as a result of a stressful job, poor diet, hormone imbalance or low immunity. 

Tailored, regular Fertility Reflexology treatments are geared towards each woman's individual menstrual cycle and support both the Follicular and Luteal phase and any hormonal issues that might be making these phases irregular.  The aim is to encourage balance in the Endocrine (hormone) system which can help ensure conception is more likely to occur.

The pressure of trying to conceive combined with the daily grind of our fast paced lives and often stressful situations, causes an effect on your body that is detrimental to fertility.  Stress is probably the most damaging problem and the biggest challenge when trying for a baby, so the more relaxed you can be, the happier your body and endocrine system will be.

Reflexology treatments also provide relief from the stress of conception in a calm, caring environment, helping to balance the body and ease the mind.  This positively assists couples to prepare for and work through the journey of trying for a baby, whatever the eventual outcome.

With some straightforward tips on how to achieve a healthier, balanced lifestyle. 

The chance of a healthy woman conceiving per menstrual cycle is around 20%.  Most healthy couples take 5-6 months on average to conceive with some taking much longer, and that's with youth on-side.  When trying for a baby over a number of months and conception has not taken place, it is commonplace to seek medical advice.

In some cases, when finding the cause of women's infertility, the medical profession can adopt a 'sticking plaster' approach. It's simpler maybe to try and treat symptoms straight away with fertility treatments such as clomid or even IVF, before finding the cause of the problem and addressing it first and foremost.

Where Reflexology is concerned, by encouraging the body's own healing process, it can be an ideal option for dealing with the root of a fertility problem, in a natural way.  With experience, couples say that they feel empowered and more in control of their health by having Reflexology treatments and particularly as they may have indeed found a possible solution without resorting to drugs or evasive medical intervention.

Reiki For Reducing Back Pain


Reiki can reduce pain and inflammation in the body.

Let’s take back pain as an example as it’s a common ailment in my clinic. From Pregnant women to Executives who do a lot of driving or sitting at a desk all day.

You’ll probably notice that after a Reiki treatment your pain will feel better instantaneously and if you have regular massage or body work which doesn’t seem to do the trick long term, you may well find that you have much more success and better results with Reiki.

Harnessing the higher energy fields available to us, Reiki will access and blend with the energy in and around your body, within the meridians, the energy centres and on a cellular level to positively change your inner environment and restore your body’s natural balance.


Foot Massage and Reflexology. What Is The Difference?


I’m a Certified Reflexologist but people new to this beautiful therapy often ask me….

Both are readily available yet they are different techniques and people have very different experiences and outcomes. 🤗

  • Both are seated therapies
  • Both incorporate a common massage technique called effleurage
  • Both give you some space and 'time out'

So what is the difference between a Foot Massage and Reflexology? 👇🏼

Have you been confused, may be wondering about your past treatment experiences and what they actually were? You are not alone. 🤔

A foot massage is often incorporated into pedicure or as an added bonus to a body massage. It consists of sweeping strokes up and down the length of the foot. You may also receive some pulling and rotating of the toes, which is done to increase overall flexibility of the feet and stimulate the blood supply. Your therapist will work in this overall way for a few minutes and may use a cream to help soften the skin on the feet.

Foot massage is good if you want a quick, simple treatment and it feels nice and soothing. 🙍🏻

Reflexology on the feet is a specialised, distinct therapy, where gentle pressure is applied to all areas of the feet. The therapist uses their thumbs, fingers and even hot stones to stimulate defined points known as reflexes. It is a holistic therapy, meaning Reflexology treats the client and their physical, mental and emotional body as a whole. Each reflex point is connected to an area of the body, similar to Acupressure or Acupuncture theory, and stimulating these will release toxins, clear energy blockages and give balance all of the body systems. A gentle aromatherapy balm is often used on the feet and clients can feel an improvement in their overall wellbeing, after just one session. 👣⚖️

Reflexology is great if you want a deep, relaxing and meditative experience and you are looking to be more focused on achieving better health and wellness overall. It works well on it’s own yet is the perfect complement to conventional medicine. There are so many ways that the technique can be done. 😴

All certified therapists should take you through a detailed health and lifestyle assessment before any treatment takes place. A Reflexologist will want to understand your health history so that they can give you a bespoke treatment aligned with your current desires while being mindful of any past health issues which may also need some support.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the best options for your health and wellbeing, comment below ‘YES PLEASE' and I will be more than happy to connect with and help you.

Sam 💖

SLT Food: Vegetable, Feta & Lentil Bake

One of my health and wellbeing goals for this year was to switch to a more plant based diet. 

The health benefits of eating less meat and animal products is widely known, just a quick 'google' will give you all the information you need to support this decision.  Reduce your likelihood of heart disease, cancers and type 2 diabetes? Yes please.

The challenge comes at dinner time when staring into the fridge at loads of raw vegetables and little else, inspiration is hard to muster.

I was given this lovely recipe recently, and I literally didn't care that it had no meat in it at all.

I tried it for the first time this week and it was delicious. If you want to me more conscious about what you eat, you may want to try this too.

Tip: I've also tried swapping out the lentils for cannellini beans and can highly recommend it.

Ingredients (Serves 2)

1 clove of garlic
2 sprigs of oregano
1 red pepper/capsicum
1 punnet mushrooms
1 large can of chopped tomatoes
1 large can of red lentils
2 large handfuls of Spinach
125g Ricotta
75g Feta
5g Ground Cinnamon
Olive Oil or Coconut Oil
2 tbs Whole Milk or Almond Milk
1 egg
Himalayan Sea Salt and Pepper

To Prepare

1) Heat oven to 220c

2) Chop the garlic, mushrooms, red pepper. Pick the oregano leaves.

3) Rinse and drain the lentils and set aside

4) Heat oil in a frying pan and cook the mushrooms on medium/high heat until golden. Add a little Sea Salt. Then add the cinamon and stir for 1-2 minutes

5) Reduce heat slightly and add the red pepper. Cook for a further 1-2 minutes

6) Add tomatoes and lentils and season well.  Cook for 5 minutes

7) Stir in the baby spinach and cook gently until it becomes wilted.

8) While this is cooking, put ricotta, milk egg and salt and pepper into a bowl.  Fork together until well combined

9) Transfer the tomato and lentil mixture into a heat proof dish.

10) Pour the ricotta mixture over and smooth out.  Crumble over the Feta.

11) Place in the oven for 10 minutes, watching that the topping doesn't burn.

12) Finish off and crisp up by placing dish under a hot grill for 2-3 minutes.


My interview on the Small & Mighty Podcast

This week I was invited to record an episode of the Small & Mighty podcast with Sam Burgess of Social Mouth.

My participation was suggested by my lovely friend Annabel Bird from luxury online retailer, Bleak House.

Sam's podcast series is about small business owners and women entrepreneurs, how they use social media to grow their business and meet like-minded souls, and lots of other fascinating insights on their business journey.

In my episode, I talk about how I became a Reflexologist and recently my move to Sydney, Australia. Sam and I discuss the value of using video with Facebook and why getting yourself a Mentor is a really great idea for personal and business development and for getting out of your own way.

So please take half an hour to put your feet up with a cup of tea and have a listen.

There are a few 'ummm's' so I apologise in advance, but really just hang in there until the end as there is a Tip for the super-stressed and busy.  It's the most important thing to get right if you want to ensure you have enough energy and motivation every day.

I'd love to know what you think, especially if your name is Sam too!


p.s. make sure and have a listen to the previous 5 podcasts too, there are some golden nuggets of advice to take forward into your life.

How do you define Happiness?

How do you define Happiness?

Have you ever spent time fixating on problems that involve you and your significant others, only for you to fall down a rabbit hole of despair and exasperation on how to make the situation better for yourself and everyone involved?

Well that's not uncommon.  We have all been there.

It is inspiring to witness my client's breakthroughs around releasing thoughts and emotions that do not contribute to their feeling happy and content.

Because, Happiness depends on letting go of controlling things that are beyond your control.

For example, the feelings of others, the future and the past and whether or not people like you.

Begin by asking yourself questions:

Who am I?
How do I want to feel?
How can I begin to feel this way, what is the plan?
How can I keep the momentum and set an example to others?

With some sound investment in personal development, you can really start to see the attachment to situations that do not serve you and by beginning to un-peel the back story, you can acknowledge first and gradually release the pain, the tension and the discomfort.

Find time to work on yourself, that's the only thing you can control and maintain.

When you do this, you will be a beacon of inspiration and hope to others. You'll be a beautiful example of happiness and health that will positively influence others.

The effect is highly attractive, magnetic.

That's how I help my clients feel happy and feel accomplished.

Click here to see how they've been able to benefit from a complete change in perspective and in their levels of happiness as a result

Reflexology for dealing with Stress & Anxiety

These days, it's not unusual to spend more time at work than at home.  Plus, it's often very difficult to switch off and hard to avoid taking the stresses of the day and some of the workload home with us.  When this happens, it can affect your physical, mental and emotional state of health and the quality of your personal relationships as a result.  Reflexology is a powerful antidote to stress and tension and incorporating Reflexology sessions into your regular monthly routine should be seriously considered as a remedial measure and and to help prevent sustained, harmful stress.

During Reflexology sessions, I teach my clients some relaxation techniques and tips they can use daily to help counterbalance the effects of their busy working lives. 

The effects of Stress creeps into many aspects of our lives in an all too constant fashion and can be acutely felt as a weight, or burden on your shoulders, as a constant buzzing sensation in your head, a surge of panic, negative feelings, and even aches or a sickness in the pit of your stomach. Prolonged stress periods can even result in muscular pain and to add to the annoyance, the stress itself can create a more powerful stress response, making it a vicious circle of experiences.

The art of dealing with stress is to recognise these warning signs in yourself as early as possible, so that you can act promptly and make the most of techniques such as Reflexology, to bring some regular calm and balance into your life.

When you learn to relax your body, you are able to cope with the challenges of life much more effectively and easily, life flows more freely, you'll feel more positive and better able to make good decisions. On a physiological level, as you relax, your stress hormones recede which allows your body systems and functions to return to a balanced mode and operate in the way that they are intended.

Furthermore, when you are relaxed, your body is better able to resist infection and disease and and heal any physical, mental or emotional imbalances.