Expanding Horizons

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I'm having one of those days.

Y'know, the Should-Really-Be-Doing-Something-Other-Than-What-I'm-Doing days. 

Unfortunately, the list in front of me isn't likely to shrink any time soon.

I'm a list writing person. This helps me keep on track of my things to do, and by writing it down, there's a sort of accountability to those things too.

There are the mundane, daily tasks on it such as bill paying, laundry, checking emails (read: pontification)... I'll spare you the rest of the list.  But, I also list my 'Self" items too - exercise, healthy eating, time out. therapies, good quality sleep, laughter.  All the things I like to do in order to take care of my mind and body, to ultimately achieve a sense of happiness and well being.

But often I wish there was always an entry on there for spontaneous or never-tried-before- pursuits.  A permanent entry that gets smugly ticked off the list, just as the other regular tasks tend to do.

For me, I'm not talking about risky pursuits like jumping out of a plan or fighting crocodiles, but more subtle, yet perhaps more though provoking stuff such as travelling to new places, meeting new people, studying a new topic.  Whatever floats your boat, so they say.

I'm thankful that my family and I lead a great life where we largely get to make the most of new opportunities.  We really do make it a lifestyle choice.  I firmly believe it's essential for our well being and happiness that we break out of our comfort zone and try something different with our time.

Here's an idea... Why not make your own list of Daily Things to Do and at the bottom of that list, add an entry for something you'd like to try or experience, or see, or do, that you've never done before.

Make it happen and it will feel like a real sense of achievement.  Whatever it is, you'll learn something from it and you'll feel as if you have grown and gained more experience in the process.

If you've not tried Reflexology or Natural Facelift Therapy before, but you have a real desire to improve your health and well being both mentally and physically, then pop either therapy on you own 'Self' list and get booking a session right now.  Trust me when I say it will help you to feel better about yourself, for the long term.