12 Ways, including Reflexology, to get a good nights sleep

We've all heard how important it is for our health and well being to get a consistently decent nights sleep. Sometimes that's easier said than done and putting pressure on yourself to get to sleep and stay asleep once you've climbed into bed can add to an already challenging exercise.

More often than not, when clients receive a Reflexology treatment, they report back on feeling calm and rested.  That evening, they get to sleep much easier and sleep more soundly for longer.  That's the most striking and instant effects of a Reflexology treatment.

There are, of course, other tactics that can be used to prepare for slumber, that may have a healthy impact on the most chronic of insomniacs.  Here are a few that I pass on to clients, that I think you might find useful too.

1. Say no to consuming stimulants. Avoid caffeine, nicotine, beer, wine and spirits in the four hours before bedtime.

2. Don’t exercise and then go straight to bed. Allow at least two hours before retiring to bed to allow the body to come down from its euphoric state.

3. Take a warm bath, enhance it by adding a drop or two of essential oils such as Ylang, Ylang, Geranium or Lavender.

4. Refrain from checking mobile phones or other technology at least an hour before bed and importantly, avoid distractions by keeping them out of the bedroom, all night.

5. Sleep in a dark and quiet room that isn’t too hot or cold for you.

6. Drink a warm herbal tea such as camomile and lavender, or lemon balm, an hour before bed.

7. Spritz your pillow with an organic lavender spray to help you calmly drift off to sleep.

8. Don't cat nap later in the afternoon/early evening.

9. Wind down during the 30 minutes before bedtime by doing something relaxing such as listening to gentle music, reading a book, or closing with a 5-10 minute meditation session.

10. Keep notepaper and a pen on your bedside table to jot down all the things on your mind, either before bed and if you wake in the middle of the night.

11. Set a regular sleeping pattern to regulate your body clock, trying for a good 7-8 hour cycle.  Go to bed and get up at the same time every day.

12. Set an alarm and get up as soon as it goes off.  No snoozing!

13. Receive Regular Reflexology :)

Do you have any additional tips? Do tell below.

Luxury Candles Worth Forking Out For

Being a complementary therapist with a love of interior design, it goes without saying really that scented candles are an important, exciting, indulgent part of my home and working life.  They make my rooms smell wonderful of course, but their proven well being benefits give an added, welcome dimension to my Reflexology or Natural Facelift treatments. 

Scented candles to de-stress, bring calmness, energise, aid sleep and more.  Whatever fragrance you desire, there's a scented candle out there to help achieve a better state of body and mind, go and experiment.

Having tried many brands on the market, from affordable to pure luxury, I've found that it does not pay to scrimp.  My advice?  Purchase the most expensive ones you can afford.  That way, you'll get a candle that's created from pure, natural ingredients and a fragrance that uses the best essential oils available. There's nothing worse than those cheap, chemical laden, fake smelling examples made with vivid coloured wax you often see in store.  Don't waste your money.  Plus, when you spend a bit more money, conversely it will last longer because you don't have to burn it for a long time.  Just an hour, or until there's a nice even pool of melted wax around the wick, then blow it out.  It will continue to fragrance the air for a while longer.

It's difficult to whittle them down but in no particular order, here's my top five brands of choice that I think you'd enjoy too...

1/  The ultimate indulgent candle with simply stunning scents within a hand blown Italian glass container by French brand Astier de Villate.  Expensive and I wish it would last longer!

2/ Pretty containers, wonderful prominent scents and more affordable than its competitors.  A great, visually pleasing candle to display on a fireplace and use as an interesting vase when it's finished- Voluspa.

3/ Pretty, elegant glass containers, packaging and variety of delicate fragrances from British brand, Jo Malone.  The attention to detail with this brand is first-rate.

4/ I really like Molton Brown, not just because of their fragrance combinations but because of their lovely coloured glass containers and seemingly longer burn time.

5/ Pure aromatherapy indulgence, quality and simplicity go into making Neom one of my top five candle brands.  They group their range so it makes it easier to combine candles with body lotions, oils and foams for a complete head to toe, inside out experience.

Do you have a favourite scented candle? Do share below.