Reflexology Life: Jan 16 Round Up

In the run up to the start of a brand New Year, did you heave a sigh and think ‘blimey, I've got the whole of January to get through now’

When I was living in the UK, I’d think this every single January but as we are right in the middle of Summer here in Sydney, funnily enough, I haven’t given a second thought to the cold weather and long dark nights.  But… missing family and particularly my boys, and often wondering what they are up to, leave me feeling a bit melancholy.

January for me, tends to mean a quieter time in the therapy room.  This January especially so as starting up business in a brand new country takes an immense amount of courage, effort, determination and perseverance.  There’s a stark reality in the fact that when you turn up in a brand new location, whether that’s a small town, a country or a continent; nobody gives a toss! There are no doors flung wide open in anticipation of your plane landing or a long line of welcoming arms ready to embrace you.  Don’t get me wrong, this is not a criticism, only an observation. And I guess I’m writing this as it might resonate with you or, if you are thinking of starting your own business, it might serve as a piece of useful advice and insight.  It takes time to find common ground with local people and forge valued, lasting relationships, especially in a business that relies on ‘referrals’.  From experience so far, Sydney dwellers are a nice bunch... honestly, and a special handful of them have made both Den and I very welcome.  It’s just that my impatient gene gets the better of me from time to time.  But I’ll get there :)

During moments between clients, I’ve been posting some basic how-to, YouTube videos for you, leaflet dropping around the neighbourhood and working on growing my social media presence, particularly on Facebook and Instagram, as contacts, great collaborations and fab ideas will often come from having these platforms.  I’ve discovered they are quite different in what they do and it’s important to get to grips with what your objective is before posting, otherwise the whole social media thing can feel ‘rudderless’ and a bit of waste of time. 

Oh, and the website got a bit of a facelift too.  Please do go have a look around and tell me what do you think?

Meanwhile, in the therapy room.  The most interesting and satisfying moments come along when you least expect them and among the clients I’ve treated this month, I had a referral for some relief from sudden arm swelling.  Normally, the aim for clients is to achieve some long term improvement in health, and this takes time for the body systems to react, heal and then maintain themselves.  A single, one-off session is less common.

Having trained in Reflexology Lymph Drainage techniques, I spent most of the session working points on the feet to draw excess lymph fluid from the arms and into the Upper Lymphatic drainage points for removal.  The specific benefit of working these points are two fold, firstly to reduce the local puffiness and secondly to relieve the pressure and residual pain. 

I’m always really keen to find out how a client got on after an initial treatment, so 24 hours and a phone call later, the client enthusiastically reported feeling well and the swelling had subsided.  That’s a fix and a fist-pump! Job done.

RLD is a fantastic technique I’ve been using for a year now but it never ceases to amaze me how effective it is, so I use elements of it on every client I treat.  One of my objectives for February and the coming months is to be able to help more people to feel better using RLD. From my experience so far, I believe not enough is known about the benefits of RLD or Clinical Reflexology in Sydney (as opposed to the foot-rubbing type massage you get on the high street when getting your nails done, which IS NOT proper Reflexology) and I want to make it my mission to raise awareness of this therapy as a serious contender for optimum health & wellbeing.

So, if you know of anyone who could dearly do with some help improving their health, who'd love an hour of down-time, purely for themselves, then do refer them to me and I’ll gladly do what I can holistically to help.

As the beginning of the Year seems to be all about new beginnings and setting out plans, intentions and dreams for the future, I’ve decided that I’m going to dedicate February to fully embrace new and different things that come along in life, as you never know what direction it might take you in!  In addition, I have a couple of Reflexology projects that I’m keen to get off the ground and I’m trusting will see some progress by the time I share next month's Round Up with you.

And on that note, I’m officially committing here and now to doing a monthly update, so I hope you enjoy the stories, and you get something useful from them.

What about you? Have you set yourself some plans or goals this year?

Warmest wishes

Kicking Butt

Phew, welcome to a new week. 

Now... with the absolute certainty that Spring has arrived, so has the need to take a fresh look at our health and well being and review the whole caboodle. 

Let's feel positively good about losing any habit or thought that no longer serves us well, take stock of all that we've learned during the Winter period and move on to a new, more constructive, happy and rewarding way of life.  Let's make progress :)

When it comes to our health, well being and fitness (yes that's me included), you have to Kick Butt and especially your own. Nobody else is going to do it for you.  You won't get the healthy mind, body and spirit just by sitting back and thinking about it so just start somewhere... just make that start.

We are our own worst enemies when it comes to sabotaging ourselves with excuses and denial.  When I started the year making juices and smoothies, it was at the same time as starting a weekly yoga class.  After a few weeks I realised that I was kidding myself into believing that a single session plus daily plant juice was enough to make me healthy and fit, so I gamely upped the exercise routine to two yoga sessions per week and more recently, combined it with do-at-home circuit training.  I'll tell you more about the circuit training in another post, but for now.

My birthday is coming up and with this major milestone comes the reminder of not necessarily being a year older, but more like feeling a year older, you know... in the body. Aches, pains, extra wobbly bits that were perhaps a little less wobbly and wrinkly just 12 short months ago.

We have to set ourselves a goal, an achievable goal.  However, set the bar too low and the results will be disappointing but too high and as I said, sabotage can play too big a role.  Included in my own health and well being goals for this Summer is to feel fitter and tone up and get myself some complementary therapy. I have a HUGE Summer coming up, with major life changes and so I have a massive motivating factor to achieving this goal, my levels of determination haven't been this great in a long time. 

I think my point is that no matter what your health & well being goals are, whatever you may suffer from or want to improve on, you can help heal your body and get the level of well being you deserve.  It doesn't matter if you are not there yet. If for example you want to get fit, make a start and you will be fitter a few weeks down the line.  Just start by Kicking Your Own Butt and hang in there.  It doesn't matter if you feel you are out of shape, just find satisfaction in the fact that you'll be well on the road to becoming the best version of yourself.

Have a great day.