*NEW!* - Reflexology Taster Tuesdays

For me, January, work wise is a bit of a 'slow-burn'.  Now I've moved country this is especially so!

A combination of building a new customer base and a traditionally quiet period in the New Year means I need to be a bit more creative with adapting to the needs of you guys and how I attract you lovely people that could really do with my help.

I've come up with something that I think will interest you, and that's to trial run "Taster Tuesdays".  Instead of a full hour foot Reflexology session that I normally offer as standard, on a Tuesday you can book a 30 minute treatment instead. Not only is it less money ($50 instead of $90) but the benefit is you can slot a treatment in before work, lunch hour or on your way home from work.  I've designed this day from an angle of complete flexibility for you, so bookings can be made from 6am and I'll be open until 9pm.  Although the sessions will be shorter by half, you'll still get the same attention to detail, quality organic balms and aftercare tips.

However, if you still want an hour, full treatment on a Tuesday, you'll still be able to book it.

Tuesday Taster Treatments are available Now, see link below!