Kicking Butt

Phew, welcome to a new week. 

Now... with the absolute certainty that Spring has arrived, so has the need to take a fresh look at our health and well being and review the whole caboodle. 

Let's feel positively good about losing any habit or thought that no longer serves us well, take stock of all that we've learned during the Winter period and move on to a new, more constructive, happy and rewarding way of life.  Let's make progress :)

When it comes to our health, well being and fitness (yes that's me included), you have to Kick Butt and especially your own. Nobody else is going to do it for you.  You won't get the healthy mind, body and spirit just by sitting back and thinking about it so just start somewhere... just make that start.

We are our own worst enemies when it comes to sabotaging ourselves with excuses and denial.  When I started the year making juices and smoothies, it was at the same time as starting a weekly yoga class.  After a few weeks I realised that I was kidding myself into believing that a single session plus daily plant juice was enough to make me healthy and fit, so I gamely upped the exercise routine to two yoga sessions per week and more recently, combined it with do-at-home circuit training.  I'll tell you more about the circuit training in another post, but for now.

My birthday is coming up and with this major milestone comes the reminder of not necessarily being a year older, but more like feeling a year older, you know... in the body. Aches, pains, extra wobbly bits that were perhaps a little less wobbly and wrinkly just 12 short months ago.

We have to set ourselves a goal, an achievable goal.  However, set the bar too low and the results will be disappointing but too high and as I said, sabotage can play too big a role.  Included in my own health and well being goals for this Summer is to feel fitter and tone up and get myself some complementary therapy. I have a HUGE Summer coming up, with major life changes and so I have a massive motivating factor to achieving this goal, my levels of determination haven't been this great in a long time. 

I think my point is that no matter what your health & well being goals are, whatever you may suffer from or want to improve on, you can help heal your body and get the level of well being you deserve.  It doesn't matter if you are not there yet. If for example you want to get fit, make a start and you will be fitter a few weeks down the line.  Just start by Kicking Your Own Butt and hang in there.  It doesn't matter if you feel you are out of shape, just find satisfaction in the fact that you'll be well on the road to becoming the best version of yourself.

Have a great day.