Reflexology Points for Hormones & Stress

There are days when I just can't be bothered and feel out of sorts, and although there's nothing physically wrong with me, I'm aware that as a woman, it could probably be put down to hormonal surges that occur at certain times of the month.

These reflex points on the foot are some of my favourites and I think you might like them too.  Particularly effective for women as hormonal imbalances do annoyingly encroach our daily life at some time or another; puberty, childbirth, menopause... you get the idea!

So focusing on specific areas of the foot, spending just a few minutes each week to kick-start and maintain your body will re-balance any hormones and at the same time, alleviate stress and tension in the body.

Starting at the top of the foot; applying pressure with the thumb on the fleshy part of the underside of the toe (Pituitary Gland), then move the thumb across the bottom of the big toe (Thyroid), pressing down on the Adrenal Gland reflex in the centre/left of the foot to stabilise stress hormone secretions before moving down to hold the ovary and uterus reflexes, either side of the heel with the thumb and middle finger.

Doing these moves on my own feet alleviates the niggling feelings but by taking a few minutes out of the day, removing myself from everything that goes on around me just to focus on the activity itself is very nurturing and good for my mind and spirit.

Working these pressure points on the hands too, is just as effective.  Give them a whirl and let me know how it goes.

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