Is Meditation Woo-Woo?

A regular entry on my To Do List is Meditation.

Rather an obligation than a task on the list, or if you like, a reminder rather than a chore... meditation or mindfulness is something I try to do on a daily basis. But I'll be honest, it regularly falls off the radar and happens once a week on average at the moment.


Meditation is no woo-woo concept.  Like Reflexology or Acupressure, or Acupuncture it's a centuries old activity, proven to help improve our ability to handle life and give us a better sense of purpose and perspective. Just Google it and you'll find hundreds of articles in support of the exercise for our health and happiness.

My problem is, that I find I reach for 10 minutes of meditation when I'm feeling pressured or frantic or just plain tired yet restless.  I use it to solve a problem that's rolling around in my head as it gives me some clarity and helps me find the solution.

Meditation should be part of our daily lives in order for us to get the maximum benefit, so the experts say.  In fact, as it's supposed to be so good for us, why the hell don't I make it as regular as teeth cleaning and toilet breaks.  Doh!

Human nature dictates that we often take action on something only when we really have to, when we are forced to, perhaps by outside forces.

How often do you fall into this cycle?

Clients more often than not, come to me for therapy when they feel they are desperately in need of it.  Happily, after the initial pain point has been solved, most stay and continue having regular treatments because they have trained their minds to remember how good it makes them feel and so they naturally want more.  Their feel good hormones kick in and it starts to become second nature to have a treatment.

Personally this is my main aim for regular meditation, so I'm going to make sure I take 5 minutes to meditate before the day is out!

If you are new to meditation and mindfulness, there's a free and simple app you can follow by a company called Headspace.  Go check it out now and let me know how you get on.  Otherwise, if you've any other mediation techniques you think I should try, I'm all ears.  And share away.