The Health Benefits of Going Barefoot

When the Sun's out, there's no better feeling than getting Outdoors, feeling the heat on your skin and if you are on a beach, the sand between your toes.  Even in the rain, it's an envigorating feeling.

Given shoes are an essential part of everyday attire, can you imagine getting through your day without them!

But when the opportunity arises, taking your shoes off and going for a barefoot stroll, is grounding, feels wonderful and as if you are free from restraint and totally at one with nature. 

Whether it's a dry warm or a cool fresh day, my dog Dudley and I love to spend a few hours at Hatfield Forest, strolling about in the silence, the grass between our toes (or claws) for a few minutes, while I avoid the cow pats littered across the acres of land laid out before us.  Here's why...

It’s a Free Reflexology Session!

Every little bump and rock on ground helps to stimulate all the little reflex points on the sole of your feet that correspond to parts of your body. A cobbled path is a massage opportunity not to be missed. It may feel a bit 'ouchy' but your feet need the stimulation they’re getting by being barefoot. The areas of the body that the tenderness corresponds to will be massaged, helping to revive and bring that area into balance and normality.

It’s a Free Foot Exercise

Walking barefoot strengthens and stretches the muscles, tendons and ligaments in your feet, ankles and calves. Your feet get so used to walking in restrictive footwear, especially if they are ill fitting that they become stiff and out of their natural form. Walking barefoot works muscles not used when you’re wearing shoes, plus it strengthens your core, helping keep your posture upright, and your balance spot on.

Be In the Moment

Being barefoot outdoors means you get to connect to nature.  It allows you time out in the open air to gather your thoughts and not be distracted by regular daily events in life.  When you are in touch with nature it's easier to put things into perspective.  It has a calming effect and releases anxiety and stress, plus the fresh air will help you to sleep better, it's a great insomnia beater.

I also read that because our bodies are mostly made up of water, it is a great electricity conducer.  The earth has a negative ionic charge and going barefoot grounds our bodies to that charge.  Negative ions reduce inflammation, detoxify and calm our being, it regulates our internal clocks and hormonal cycles.  The best place to get all these ions through your feet is by water, hence why we are drawn to water and to the beach for it's relaxing, calming, happy vibe.

Want to feel better? No matter the weather, give barefoot walking a try this weekend.

Your health & happiness