what others are saying about their treatment experience

These views have been kindly sent in from clients or received online through Social Media or Google+.


I Loved it

I had a foot Reflexology session with Samantha in Sydney, Rozelle recently and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Samantha has a very pleasing and gentle nature and even gentler hands... God knows I tried very hard not to doze off during the session! I loved it. I would recommend her in a heartbeat x. - Roosy, Sydney

Reflexology Lymph Drainage

What a beautiful person Sam is, I was so impressed by how relaxed and comfortable I felt in her presence and her professional, knowledgeable and caring manner instantly put me at ease. I'm so excited to be trying her unique Reflexology Lymph Drainage treatment and really looking forward to continued sessions with Samantha to see the progress. I can't recommend her highly enough! - Juliette, Balmain

Maternity Reflexology

After reading about the benefits of reflexology during pregnancy, I attended regular treatments with Sam throughout my pregnancy. I found that the treatments helped me achieve an enjoyable pregnancy with minimal aches and pains, and also helped me to relax and deal with stress. I so looked forward to each session and left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Sam always made sure that I was so comfortable with plenty of pillows and blankets, music and essential oils – it was heavenly. I also believe that the sessions where nurturing for my daughter too – she is such a calm and relaxed baby (most of the time!) which I contribute to my regular relaxing sessions with Sam. Sam also kindly provided my husband with a session to demonstrate techniques which he could use during my labour, and also provided me with other valuable materials and information throughout my pregnancy. Sam is extremely professional and passionate about reflexology – I couldn’t recommend her more highly to any expectant mothers. - Lauren, Cammeray

Highly recommended

Samantha was referred to me by my dental patient, and that sparked my interest. I tried you out as I was curious about how reflexology would help me with my health issues. Your professionalism and calmness has certainly eased my stress. It's so relaxing. Highly recommended - Lisa, Sydney

Treatment style removed all the stress

I came to see Sam in a highly stressed state. Within minutes not only did Sam's warm and professional manner put me at ease, but her reflexology knowledge and treatment style removed all the stress and left me very relaxed. Sam has a very genuine way about her and is clearly passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of her clients. I would not hesitate to recommend a reflexology session with Sam and will certainly be back, - Louise, Balmain

A relaxing and uplifting experience

Sam is so warm and friendly you feel instantly at ease before her treatment even starts! She is a fantastic, knowledgeable practitioner and took the time to explain to me what she was picking up and what she was going to address. A wonderfully relaxing and uplifting experience. Would 100% recommend. - Brigitte, Balmain

Video Review


Having never experienced Reflexology before, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and found the whole experience fascinating.  In addition to the health benefits it offers,  I was particularly impressed with how relaxed it made me feel.  Being someone who finds it difficult to wind down, I really appreciated Sam's ability to make me feel calm and relaxed, a perfect end to a busy, stressful day. - Clare, Essex

Thanks for the amazing Reflexology treatments

Just wanted to say many thanks for the amazing reflexology treatments I have had with you. I think you need to rotate homes between the UK and Australia so we can all continue to benefit from the good health and well-being of your treatments. - Donna, Essex


I have been going to see Sam for only a short while now, firstly with Reflexology in mind as I had been recommend and nagged by a friend for some time to try it.  I was very nervous, the thought of someone fiddling with my feet made me feel quite odd.  However, it was fantastic, so not what I expected but not only was it enjoyable and relaxing it also worked!  I felt tingles when certain parts of my feet were touched and came away feeling better than when I went in.  

After finding Sam a lovely, friendly person who I feel as if I have known for ever, I not only re-booked for another Reflexology session but also for a NFL, Natural Facelift Massage.  Again I was nervous as having someone not only look at your face very closely but also touch it, was a new experience for me, but trusting Sam I went for it.  I am sooo glad I have as again I have loved it, my face feels fresher, tighter and just better all round after my sessions.  I would absolutely recommend both the reflexology and the NFL sessions to anyone, it is something everyone should try and I would miss it terribly now.  I just wish I had listened to my friend and had the treatment earlier. - Sam, Essex

Tried hard not to doze off!

I had a foot reflexology session with Samantha recently and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Samantha has a very pleasing and gentle nature and even gentler hands...God knows I tried very hard not to doze off during the session! I loved it. I would recommend her in a heartbeat x - Roosy, Rozelle NSW


I've only had 3 sessions with Sam.  When I started I had a real fear of people touching my feet. I was really worried about the idea of Reflexology but Sam soon reassured me I was going to be okay.  Now. after just 3 sessions I'm a lot more relaxed and I actually enjoyed it.  I even fell asleep today :) Thank you so much Sam, you have magic hands.  - Sarah, Essex


In a daze after the most amazing Maternity Reflexology session from Sam.  I am a few days away from my due date and have been feeling tired and incomfortable.  As well as being a real 'me time' treat, the Reflexology treatment has left me feeling light, relaxed and calm.  Baby also found the treatment really stimulating! I can't recommend Sam enough for any pregnant ladies looking for some relaxation before life gets a little more hectic.  - Aisling, South London

1st Class Treatment

I have been seeing Sam now on a regular weekly basis and I have to say her reflexology treatment is 1st class. She has a lovely welcoming and calm personality so instantly she makes you feel relaxed and takes her time to check if there has been any problems or specific things you would like to address! I feel very relaxed after a reflexology session and it's been amazing the things that Sam has been able to tell me about my body from my feet! Would absolutely recommend her. - Heather, Essex

Sam knows her stuff

Sam is amazing. She knows her stuff and my treatments were really effective. She's so friendly and warm, puts you totally at ease. - Jen, Essex

Renewed and Relaxed

Sam is a truly beautiful person, she oozes calm and warmth, and the moment you arrive in her company she has the ability to make you feel special. Her treatments are so calming, on the body and spirit, and you leave feeling renewed and relaxed. If you have the opportunity to have reflexology with Sam take it, you will love it. - Teresa, Essex

Lovely treatment room

I just want to thank you Sam for giving me my first session of reflexology last night. It was an eye opener for me as I didn't realise the benefits. It's a lovely treatment room you have, very relaxing and professional. I must say as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out like a light. Thank you and I will definitely recommend you. Vouchers may be a good way forward (if you haven't already got them of course) xx - Susie, Essex