Reflexology is widely regarded as a very safe, ancient holistic therapy. 

If you currently have a health condition that is new or is under the careful management of your GP or health consultant, you should always seek their advice before participating in a Reflexology treatment.  It is important that they know of your intentions so they can give you their advice.

It is also important to know that Reflexologists do not diagnose or cure.  As with all complimentary therapies, Reflexology is a holistic therapy that works alongside the conventional healthcare system and allows us to take some responsibility for our own health and well being as a whole, leaving us rewarded and fulfilled. Reflexology should not be regarded as an alternative to seeking professional medical advice.

As a professionally trained and qualified therapist, we adhere to the values upheld by our professional bodies and regulators in the UK and Australia.  Samantha Lennie is a voluntary member of the Association of Reflexologists and Reflexology Association of Australia.  Details of their policies and how they protect the public can be found on their websites:

Reflexology works on an individual basis and therefore the outcome of a treatment will vary from person to person.  That said, treatments have many positive effects, at the very least clients leave the treatment room with an overwhelming sense of well being and calm.  We have plenty of happy and satisfied clients here at SLT and have kindly provided us with written and video testimonials to support the benefits that Reflexology has on their health and well being. These can be viewed across the website and in our promotional literature.

There is a vast amount of credible research, articles and advice online about the how's, where's and why's of Reflexology and we urge you to do some research at The School of Google to understand them for yourself.  Whether you take care of your health and well being at Samantha Lennie Therapy or not is entirely up to you, it's your judgement call. 

Here is a useful reference to support Reflexology:
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What we can do is create the right support, most effective treatment and comfortable environment to improve your well being as easily as possible for you.

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