Fertility Reflexology

With specialist Reproductive Reflexology, I support couples with conception issues, including women with unexplained fertility, miscarriage, endometriosis and PCOS, and those women taking fertility medication such as Clomid, Metformin and those undergoing IVF.

For men, the healing power of Reflexology can help with issues that can cause infertility such as a low sperm count, exhaustion and anxiety which can arise as a result of a stressful job, poor diet, hormone imbalance or low immunity. 

Tailored, regular Reflexology treatments are geared towards each woman's individual menstrual cycle and support both the Follicular and Luteal phase and any hormonal issues that might be making these phases irregular.  The aim is to encourage balance in the Endocrine (hormone) system which can help ensure conception is more likely to occur.

The pressure of trying to conceive combined with the daily grind of our fast paced lives and often stressful situations, causes an effect on your body that is detrimental to fertility.  Stress is probably the most damaging problem and the biggest challenge when trying for a baby, so the more relaxed you can be, the happier your body and endocrine system will be.

Reflexology treatments also provide relief from the stress of conception in a calm, caring environment, helping to balance the body and ease the mind.  This positively assists couples to prepare for and work through the journey of trying for a baby, whatever the eventual outcome.

With some straightforward tips on how to achieve a healthier, balanced lifestyle. 

The chance of a healthy woman conceiving per menstrual cycle is around 20%.  Most healthy couples take 5-6 months on average to conceive with some taking much longer, and that's with youth on-side.  When trying for a baby over a number of months and conception has not taken place, it is commonplace to seek medical advice.

In some cases, when finding the cause of women's infertility, the medical profession can adopt a 'sticking plaster' approach. It's simpler maybe to try and treat symptoms straight away with fertility treatments such as clomid or even IVF, before finding the cause of the problem and addressing it first and foremost.

Where Reflexology is concerned, by encouraging the body's own healing process, it can be an ideal option for dealing with the root of a fertility problem, in a natural way.  With experience, couples say that they feel empowered and more in control of their health by having Reflexology treatments and particularly as they may have indeed found a possible solution without resorting to drugs or evasive medical intervention.

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