Limb Swelling is No Fun


Where puffy, tight limbs are concerned, it can take a lot of trial and error finding a solution to reduce the swelling and ease the discomfort. 

A solution that suits you as an individual and fits in with everyday life.

I love to help women that have been managing Oedema most of their lives and women who have developed limb swelling as a result of surgery or chemotherapy

I offer treatments to Women with discomfort and inflammation due to an auto-immune condition. The pain, the medication and the general annoyance in daily life that it creates may be their main causes for concern.

Swelling a first can be a bit of a shock, women often wonder at how they'll be able to cope with this change in their body and sometimes, the way it will inevitably change their routines and impact on daily life. 

I've developed this Free E-Book for you, showing a surprising yet effective, natural alternative to the common treatments currently available in therapy rooms across the country.

I hope you enjoy the interesting information in this E-Book and drop me a line if you feel I can help you.

What's more, in the coming days I'll share with you some easy self-care exercises you can use on your hands to relieve the swelling and pain.  Be disciplined and use them daily and I'm absolutely certain you'll feel a sensation of lymph flowing as you do them.