How A Nail Appointment Gave Me Business Growth Ideas

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I must tell you a story that happened to me. I thought it was a great situation with lessons that would be useful in retaining clients and growing any business.

I went to get my nails done recently.

Something struck me as I was sat there observing and half daydreaming, half flicking through a gossip magazine.

I witnessed all the effort that it took me and the nail technicians, to organise and pay for my appointment.

See, each time I have been in there and each time I go to leave, they have never asked me if I want to re-book my session.

They always wait for ME to get back in touch.

They never bother to try and offer me a slot and that makes me feel like they don’t need me as a client and worse still, they don’t care about me very much.

And when I do ask for a booking after my session, they never have the appointment slot I really want. Frustrating!

I have to make do with an alternative, which is okay really in the grand scheme of things, but it is a bit annoying as I have to review and maybe rework my diary.

Secondly, I have to get my debit card out of my purse every time I have to pay.

And that got me thinking...

Imagine how much time they could save themselves in clinic, in between clients, if clients pre-booked a series of sessions, all in one go.

And clients paid for their package of sessions, up front, in one go.

Perhaps paying even online, so the nail technicians didn't have to handle any money, or any cards... at all!

And, thirdly, and even more eye-opening...

How many more clients could they fit in every day by systemising all of the above?

And how much more income they could generate through sorting out their inefficiencies?

And how much more could they make in repeat business when clients are pre-booked and therefore stick to their regular maintenance schedule?

Has that blown your mind? It did mine.

All of these opportunities, just slipping through their fingers.

OMG, stick a big net under it!

So much so that I wanted to pass these insights on to you, so you can do something awesome with it in your business.

Client loving, higher value pricing, transaction and booking systemisation, treatment packaging are a few of the strategies that helped me to grow my own therapy business exponentially.

Hope the story has inspired you to look at your own business and identify where you can apply the lessons, to free up your time and give you more client retention and income in the process!

And let me know how you get on if you implement any of this.


Why EMailing your database is crucial for connecting with your audience


It's the beginning of the month and I've just sent out my Monthly Newsletter to my therapy client and prospect database.

A branding type email with an update and 'behind the scenes' at SLT.

It's just 1 of 3 emails that I send regularly to my list. (I share a video on the content of the other 2 emails, in the PPO members area 

I'll be honest, there were times when I dreaded the thought of coming up with interesting and eye catching ideas.

And keeping to a regular schedule so that my audience knew what to expect and when. Arghh!

Here's what I've learned in my time...

What if I told you that creating an email had less to do with your copy writing ability, who is on your database, how pretty it looks, the length of the text and how often you send them.

But everything to do with the quality of the connection, consistency and relationship you keep with those people on your list.

Have you emailed your client and your prospects list this month?


Is that because you are not sure what to say?

Coming up with content ideas is much easier than you think.

A common thread across just about any industry, not just the natural therapy business, is overthinking it.

That creates a big problem because you end up not sending anything out at all.

Your primary goal should be keeping yourself in your client and prospects minds, being hell bent on helping them, so that connection stays alive.

I like to look at it from this perspective...

Think about your best friend and how the quality of the friendship plays out. May be in the past (before life and busyness got in the way) you were seeing them and yabbering on the phone... lots... every week, for a while. And then that just stopped. You made no phone call, sent no message.. no contact at all.

Then one day you suddenly decide to get back in touch with them, and you spend two... three hours on the phone chatting, sharing everything that's happened. You recall how much of a connection you have, and while speaking to him/her, you enjoy the moment and feel really good.

You also feel regret, and wonder why on earth you hadn't spoken to her sooner, and you probably feel bad about that.

"I'd feel good, and she would feel like I care about our relationship, and she'd feel good too".

You kick yourself for being a wally, and set the intention to be a much better friend at connecting going forward. Because you care.

And so, the connection and the relationship gets back to a more balanced, fun and enjoyable place.

That's how you should feel about, care for, and nurture your database.

Go ahead, keep in touch and send an email out to your list, today!




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