Reflexology for Athletes

Whether you are the occasional jogger, enjoy a good dance or fitness class or a serious athlete, Reflexology can help with the prevention and management of common sporting injuries such as those to the muscular and skeletal systems but also assists with improving performance, endurance, while encouraging a positive mindset.

Pre, post event, and maintenance Reflexology is known to support athletes of many types of sport.  Golf, tennis, cycling, dancing, gym and fitness training, football, netball and sailing to name just a few.

Reflexology works very well alongside other alternative therapies such as massage.  While massage is applied to a very specific area of the body, for example the quads or the hamstrings, including Reflexology treatments into your therapy plan will reduce pain, inflammation and bruising, plus accelerate the healing process in the problem area.

Overall, the goal with Reflexology is to improve the health and well being of those involved in sporting activities, both physically and mentally while simultaneously reducing pain and inflammation in muscles and joints.

Reflexology should be seriously considered as an effective remedial therapy for athletes post-operatively for the same reasons as described above.  Immediate relief from chronic pain and inflammation can be achieved and the healing process on all body systems kick-started.