Reflexology for Children

Reflexology helps with relaxation and helps to improve the well being of all ages, including babies, toddlers, children of school age and teenagers too.



With newborn babies, breastfeeding, recovery from the ordeal of birth and poor sleeping & settling can be helped with gentle, soothing Reflexology moves on their little feet.  The reflex touch is very gentle and the session shorter, although the results can be quite remarkable.


In the first few months of life, babies go through dramatic growth and transformation.  These are fun and joyful times but it isn't always straightforward and valued routines can be affected by the stress of poor sleeping, colic or perhaps teething pain.

Reflexology sessions can help ease the pain and create some comfort and reassurance for both mum and baby.  Teaching mums some reflexology relaxation techniques they can use on their babies tiny feet and hands are very effective and welcomed with open arms at times when parents feel helpless and despairing.

Mums having reflexology will calm and relax the nerves, encourage healing in the body and provide some valuable time-out. Life will probably feel a bit easier when returning back to the family fold.  Studies have shown that reflexology improves the quality of sleep in postnatal women, a bonus for new mums.


Children at this stage are inquisitive and full of life but when something isn't quite right, it's not always easy to tell why.  Visiting the GP is the first step to check if they are poorly but if they are physically fine and their behaviour is still not normal for them, there may be stressors that are causing the upset and tantrums.

There are many reasons why tension can manifest itself; as a result of potty training, the birth of a sibling, change in daily routines or perhaps stress that's causing tummy or headaches.

Treating young children with Reflexology is a fun, interesting and interactive session, encouraging you and your child to participate in some massage and reflex techniques on their hands and feet gets them involved creatively and they get many healing benefits at the same time.


The transition from child to young adult brings challenges; peer pressure, modern living, a surge in hormones, confidence and self-image pressures, as well as examination blues.

Research suggests that modern teenagers are more stressed and pressured than ever, and as result, their mental and emotional health can suffer.  More teenagers are seeing their GP for anxiety and depression and are looking for support in order to feel calmer, sleep better and improve their overall well being.

Teenagers respond very quickly to Reflexology treatments, they will learn how to feel calmer and more in control of their body and their health and well being.  Reflexology encourages their body systems to regulate, particularly for the nervous system, the endocrine (hormone) system and lymphatics for boosting immunity, it will help to safeguard more serious health issues in the future.