Reflexology for Physiological Symptoms

'Explore' 60 Minutes

Dip your toe into the water and explore with one of our pain relieving, symptom reducing, Regular Reflexology packages

A Single 60 Minute Session  || BOOK HERE

Choosing a Heal & Save Package will give you all-important consistency in symptom management and a commitment to further improving your well being, long term. 

3 x 60 minute Sessions (saving $30)  ||   BUY HERE
6 x 60 minute Sessions (saving $120)  ||   BUY HERE
9 x 60 minute Sessions (saving $270)  ||   BUY HERE

'Explore' Our shorter Foot Reflexology sessions to kick-start healing process and will have you working towards less pain, feeling brighter and more relaxed and energized.

For specialist Reflexology Lymph Drainage and oedema issues, please choose a 90 minute package, below.


'Enlighten' 90 Minutes

Take relaxation and meditation to a much deeper level, expanding, amplifying; releasing pain, stress and tension, while honouring space to reach inner peace and well being.

A Single 90 Minute Session || BOOK HERE

Package Options :
3 x 90 minute Sessions (saving $30)  ||  BUY HERE
6 x 90 minute Sessions (saving $120)  ||  BUY HERE
9 x 90 minute Sessions (saving $270)  ||  BUY HERE

'Enlighten' Plan is a unique treatment combining Reflexology, Reflex Lymph Drainage (RLD) and energy work, intended to create a deep sense of healing and serenity, helping to relieve pain, inflammation, tissue swelling, oedema and discomfort throughout the body.


All Reflexology treatments include a Consultation and Health review, Essential Oils and Organic Balms, plus Home Care Advice to reinforce the healing benefits, in-between sessions.

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