The 5 Reiki Principles

Just for today, let go of anger,
Just for today, let go of worry,
Just for today, honour your teachers,
earn your living honestly
and express gratitude to all living beings.

The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy”.

Reiki is a subtle 'life force' energy, a system of spiritual healing which originates from Japan that involves a laying on or hovering over of hands on the body.  Founded by Mikao Gyoko, he received the gift of Reiki and Spiritual Enlightenment through a 21 day fasting and meditation retreat. Mikao took the last name of Usui (Usui Reiki) when he became a teacher, a sensei of his natural healing system.

Human beings possess their own natural healing power.  Illness is the body's way of trying to rid itself of toxins via natural waste systems or, organs in the body of elimination.  Suppressing the body from being able to use its natural healing response and it becomes unable to function properly.

Reiki is open and available to everyone. However, In order for a person to participate and to appreciate their own healing, there must be an exchange of energy. 

According to Usui Reiki, there must be a change in consciousness for healing to occur and an appropriate exchange of energy; one that honours both the receiver and the practitioner.


Benefits of Reiki

Reiki is experienced in an individual way, it is important to be open to more than what is listed below. These are examples of how the power of Reiki energy can benefit you every day. 

  • Balances the body's energy flow

  • Beneficial for all living things - animals, plants and people

  • Energises and balances glands, bodily functions and strengthens immunity

  • Energises mind, body and spirit

  • Empowers you to greater self-love

  • Works and relaxes on a physical, mental, emotional, and on a soul level

  • Frees blocked energy

  • Increases creativity and self awareness

  • Increases the hormones seratonin and endorphins released by the brain to relieve pain

  • Releases toxins and impurities from the body

  • Clears unwanted energies and patterns from the past, that no longer serve the future

  • Relieves stress

  • Supports and activates the body's natural ability to heal itself

  • Used for distant/absentee healing and healing the planet

  • Used to heal past, present and future experiences

  • Used to charge gemstones, medicines, homeopathic remedies and the food and drink we consume