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Thank you so much for allowing me to grow through the Soul Activation Transformation Program. From the first session I had with you back in November 2018 to now, I must say that the changes in my life have been positive. With each and every session I have grown, developed and became stronger and more confident as a person. Your sessions have given me a platform from which to learn and develop without fail, you always deliver what I wanted to achieve at the end of each session. It’s magical being able to completely surender and trust in your amazing work. 8 months on since my first session, I still go back to you for spiritual growth, inner peace and clarity in my life. So, thank you Sam. You have changed my life! I hope many more will benefit from your gift. You truly are amazing. - ~ Sandra, Inner West Sydney - Soul Activation Program

As always, you made me feel fantastic after the Reflexology & Reiki treatment and my awareness and openness to receiving has been heightened. I move through my day with greater confidence and self appreciation. The mantras have helped greatly and my approach to letting go has been easier to achieve.

I find that you always cater for what I want to achieve and each session is empowering as well revealing something unique about myself.

Thank you for helping me being stronger and more grounded. ~ Sandy, Sydney - Soul Activation Program

Sam is one of the most grounded, warm and passionate people I have ever met. I am very humbled learning from her and gaining both physical and mental awareness. Invest in yourself and schedule an appointment with Sam to equip yourself with the tools to be the best version of yourself ~ Sarah, Sydney - Soul Activation Program

Must recommend Sam to all lymphedema patients. The Reflexology Lymph Drainage treatment helped so much! more than any other thing I tried before. (and I tried everything..) Thanks Sam! ~ Shira, Terrey Hills - Reflexology Lymph Drainage

Sam is so lovely and genuinely interested in your health and life. I always feel relaxed after my Maternity Reflexology session and I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my wellbeing since being treated. ~ Emma, Inner West Sydney

I thoroughly recommend Samantha Lennie. A while ago work stress was taking over my life. Regular visits to Sam had me calm and centred. I always sleep so well after a visit and she always seems to intuitively know what to say to set you up on a path to success. Just as a relaxing treat or to help with any health/stress issues, I strongly urge you to take time for yourself and visit Sam. ~ Anine, Sydney

After reading about the benefits of reflexology during pregnancy, I attended regular treatments with Sam throughout my pregnancy. I found that the treatments helped me achieve an enjoyable pregnancy with minimal aches and pains, and also helped me to relax and deal with stress. I so looked forward to each session and left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Sam always made sure that I was so comfortable with plenty of pillows and blankets, music and essential oils – it was heavenly. I also believe that the sessions where nurturing for my daughter too – she is such a calm and relaxed baby (most of the time!) which I contribute to my regular relaxing sessions with Sam. Sam also kindly provided my husband with a session to demonstrate techniques which he could use during my labour, and also provided me with other valuable materials and information throughout my pregnancy. Sam is extremely professional and passionate about reflexology – I couldn’t recommend her more highly to any expectant mothers. ~ Lauren, Cammeray

I had my first ever Reiki session with Sam earlier this week. Having never tried Reiki before, I was a little unsure about what to expect. Sam couldn't have made me feel any more relaxed and welcome allowing me to really open myself up to this new practice. After just one session I can already see/feel the possibilities and benefits of this practice. Can't wait for my next session! ~ Sarah, Rozelle

I have had a few Reflexology Lymph Drainage sessions with Sam I am always very relaxed afterwards, my Lymphodema in my legs is improving. I was a sceptic at first but each time I visit there is an improvement in my legs. Sam is very caring and has magical hands, I would encourage anyone with lymphodema to call Sam. ~ Margaret, Sydney

Sam is amazing. She knows her stuff and my treatments (for my back) were really effective . She's so friendly and warm, puts you totally at ease. ~ Jen, UK

Sam has been treating me for a number of months with reflexology and recently with reiki. My health and overall well being has improved greatly and my symptoms of numbness in hands have abated particularly with the addition of reiki. Go along and see Sam I can highly recommend her treatments and program! ~ Sonia, Cherrybrook - Soul Activation Program

I had my first ever Reiki Session with Sam earlier this week. Having never tried Reiki before, I was a little unsure about what to expect. Sam couldn't have made me feel any more relaxed and welcome, allowing me to really open myself up to this new practice. After just one session, I can already see/feel the possibilities and benefits of this practice. I can't wait for my next session. ~ Sarah, Balmain

Currently attending reflexology sessions with Sam and feeling fantastic at 35 weeks pregnant! I feel great inside and out and it shows. Highly recommend Sam as a therapist....understanding, intuitive, gentle and so gifted! ~ Rachel, Balmain

In a daze after the most amazing Maternity Reflexology session from Sam.  I am a few days away from my due date and have been feeling tired and incomfortable.  As well as being a real 'me time' treat, the Reflexology treatment has left me feeling light, relaxed and calm.  Baby also found the treatment really stimulating! I can't recommend Sam enough for any pregnant ladies looking for some relaxation before life gets a little more hectic.  ~ Aisling, UK

What a beautiful person Sam is, I was so impressed by how relaxed and comfortable I felt in her presence and her professional, knowledgeable and caring manner instantly put me at ease. I'm so excited to be trying her unique Reflexology Lymph Drainage treatment and really looking forward to continued sessions with Sam to see the progress in reducing my swelling. I can't recommend her highly enough! ~ Juliette, Balmain

I came to see Sam in a highly stressed state. Within minutes not only did Sam's warm and professional manner put me at ease, but her reflexology knowledge and treatment style removed all the stress and left me very relaxed. Sam has a very genuine way about her and is clearly passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of her clients. I would not hesitate to recommend a reflexology session with Sam and will certainly be back, ~ Louise, Balmain

I recently met Sam in Sydney after suffering from terrible water retention in my legs after a flight from Perth. Sam is definitely a life saver! My leg and foot massage was incredible! Sam is so lovely! Highly recommended! ~ Debbie, Perth

Sam is a truly beautiful person, she oozes calm and warmth, and the moment you arrive in her company she has the ability to make you feel special. Her treatments are so calming, on the body and spirit, and you leave feeling renewed and relaxed. If you have the opportunity to have reflexology with Sam take it, you will love it. ~ Teresa, UK


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