Discover How Reflexology Is An Effective Tool For Healing, Working Holistically To Re-balance And Bring Harmony To Your Physical, Mental And Emotional Self.

“I believe that your complete health and well being is not a luxury, it is a right. However, tackling poor or diminishing health starts from within and with extreme ownership. It has to take priority and become habitual”.
— Sam Lennie
Samantha offers exceptional reflexology treatments. Her knowledge and skill at relating the body and its imbalances to me was profound. I will continue treatments with Sam as the therapeutic benefits and deep relaxation I felt whilst having my feet touched is - simply put - sublime
— Dayna - Balmain, NSW

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a subtle, relaxing, holistic therapy that works on the principle that the feet, hands and face mirror all of your internal organs, glands and body structures. 

Gentle pressure is applied with either the thumbs, fingers or even hot stones to stimulate specifically defined reflex points in order to cause a healing effect on the corresponding part of your body.


Who is Samantha Lennie?

Sam is a fully qualified Reflexology Practitioner that helps people overcome their health & well being concerns by encouraging the body's own healing process through the power of Reflexology.  She has helped hundreds of people achieve a sense of balance and contentment, encouraged the importance of ongoing commitment to nurturing and self-care and helped the become aware of what's happening in their bodies through the power of Reflexology.

She is an Expert in Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD) and the only therapist in Australia practising the technique.

Sam also holds advanced certificates in Preconception and Pregnancy Reflexology.

Based in Rozelle, NSW, Sam is a full member of the Association of Reflexologists (AoR) and the Reflexology Association of Australia (RAoA)

You can Read her full Bio here

Why Reflexology?

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What Clients Say...

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Reflexology Helps...


Swollen Limbs and Lymphatic conditions

Swollen arms and legs can be a symptom of problems with the Lymphatic system.  Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD) is a specific way of performing Reflexology, using specialist moves that target the lymphatic system in particular.  Unlike our cardiovascular system, our lymphatics rely solely on bodily movement for the fluid to move. It plays a key role in our body's immune system, so targeting the key areas of the feet corresponding to the lymphatics, while also focusing on the area of concern, is a very effective way of stimulating the body's own response to reduce, swelling, clearing toxins and blockages and boost our ability to fight infection.

Sam works with clients that have been diagnosed with Lymphedema and
Lipedema, using specialist Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD) technique
as an ongoing care and management tool.


Managing Stress

The effects of Stress creep into many aspects of our lives in an all too constant fashion and can be acutely felt as a weight, or burden on our shoulders, as a constant buzzing sensation in our heads, a surge of panic, negative feelings, and even aches or a sickness in the pit of our stomachs. 

The art of dealing with stress is to recognise these warning signs in ourselves as early as possible, so that we can act promptly and make the most of techniques such as Reflexology, to tip the scales and bring some calmness to our daily life.

Feeling younger and fresher with Pain free natural facelift therapy

For those who prefer a non-artificial way of preserving their natural assets, Natural Facelift or Facial Reflexology is a holistic, non-invasive therapy that helps to delay the visible signs of ageing and aid the entire body's healing process. 

We cannot stop the natural process of getting older, but we can improve what we have, extend the appearance of youth and even help to prevent further damage.

Easing the Symptoms of Pregnancy and preparing You for birth

As the body copes with all the changes that take place for Pregnant women, Reflexology can be a comforting, beneficial support for common pregnancy ailments such as back aches and pains, digestive issues, tiredness, sickness, dizziness and fluid retention. 

Reflexology treatments help prepare mums-to-be for labour itself and its the ideal therapy for nurturing mum and baby when re-balancing the body post-partum.


Trying for a baby?  

Supporting couples with conception issues, including women with unexplained fertility, miscarriage, endometriosis and PCOS, and those women undergoing assisted fertility.

For men, the healing power of Reflexology can help with fertility issues such as a low sperm count, exhaustion and anxiety which can arise as a result of a stressful job, poor diet, hormone imbalance or low immunity. 

Reflexology for Athletes

Whether you are the occasional jogger, enjoy a good dance or fitness class or a serious athlete, Reflexology can help with the prevention and management of common sporting injuries.

Reflexology can assist with problems  such as those to the muscular and skeletal systems but also  with improving performance and endurance.  The relaxing side of the treatment also rejuvenates and  encourages a positive mindset.

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