Life can sometimes be confusing. You can have lots of opportunities and a lack of direction around what the right path is for you and you can feel overwhelmed, scattered and stressed.

Or perhaps you are feeling a bit stuck, life feels mundane and unfulfilling and you want to feel inspired with meaning to what you do everyday. May be you have a burning desire to start something new or you are being forced into a work or personal life situation that is spiralling and you feel you have no control over.

Whatever burning question you need clarification on or an answer that will support your evolution, I will do my best for you and to give you a positive, uplifting experience that fills your heart and soul.

Areas of focus

- Awakening to and aligning with your life purpose and path

- Connection to your heart, one consciousness and the divine

- Clarity on your unique gifts in this lifetime

- Your spiritual, personal growth and development journey

- Uncovering your unique talents

- Your personal life and manifesting your soul partner

- Your work life - your career, your business, your entrepreneurial path

- Abundance and wealth creation using your talents and innate gifts

- Inspiration and honouring your health and well being through healing and self-care practise

Audio Readings - 30 Minutes

Your reading is recorded in audio (MP3) format. This allows you to download it on to your different devices; on your smart phone, tablet and desktop or laptop computer and listen to it whenever you wish.

Also included, are images for each card spread I complete for you. The audio and images are sent to you on email.

How to book

1. Request and pay for the reading using One of the Button Links below.
2. Complete the form that is included in the booking, which tells me why you want the reading and to give me some information on the specific areas you wish me to cover. You are invited to provide me with 1 or 2 top priorities and include questions you have about these areas, and include any choices, decisions, issues or dilemmas you are facing.
3. If you for any reason, I feel I am not the right reader for you and keeping in mind my areas of specialism and focus too, I will let you know and refund your investment.
4. If I am able to help you, I will confirm receipt and specify the date when I will be able to return your reading. The time frame is usually no more than 3 days.


Client Feedback

Wow, thank you so much Sam! That is such an amazing reading, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. It’s incredibly encouraging and rings true on so many levels, especially ‘be patient’ and ‘you have time’. Thank you again, so beautiful xxx
— Juliette, Sydney

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