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If you suffer from any of the symptoms covered in our Ebook and would like to explore whether RLD could help alleviate your swelling, arrange a complimentary, 15 minute treatment advice call with Sam, using the form below.

Plus, I will also send you some useful self-help videos over the next few days via email. 

These are simple techniques, my clients use on their hands, between RLD appointments to reinforce the effects of their treatments.

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“I found the whole thing (RLD) was just one of the top 10 highlights of my life”

“ I was really quite sceptical, thinking “This isn’t going to work but I’ll do it anyway’ and I was amazed, really totally amazed to see the difference in my hand after the first session was just…. I couldn’t get over it”

“I look at myself in the mirror now and I can see there’s an actual shape to my arm, whereas before it went straight down”