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Do you look at your health and wonder why, despite the occasional work out and relatively healthy diet, you are not feeling really good?

Do you wonder how you can be rid of niggling aches, pains and be tension-free, without resorting to painkillers or a trip to see your GP or Physio?

Would you like to have an effortless mind and body that is a pleasure to be living inside and 'has your back' rather than 'holding you back'?

Hey Wellness Seekers, Sam here...

I created this healing program to offer something different to the current natural therapy treatments on the market, something new and specifically targeted to the high achieving executive, busy professional and entrepreneur. 

The 'conveyor belt' impersonal approach to receiving treatments on the high street, where you have a session then go back to your life, and return again to work on the same niggling problem, is absolutely NOT what you'll get here.

In fact, just the opposite. We guarantee a transformation with no effort on your part.

This program is individual, it offers support and accountability while you are receiving healing and continues the moment you walk out of the therapy room.  It is going to help you define your health and wellness goals, heal what is causing your dis-ease, educate you on how to optimise your well being and set you on the path to making lifestyle changes that will support your mind and your body going forward.

Our optimum health and well being relies on external forces but most importantly, what is going on inside, on a cellular, energetic level is the most crucial aspect of reaching balance and harmony.  When we are fit and well on the inside, it allows us to be much better at how we show up on the outside, in real life.  Who we are, what we do, how we behave, how we feel.

What will I get on the Program?

Serious Healing, No Stress.

This program features EVERYTHING I know about healing and transforming your health the natural way. As well as a 6 session Reiki & Reflexology healing treatment program geared towards your individual needs, you'll receive 1 on 1 coaching, education and accountability throughout your time with me in order to get your results.

Plus, you can ask me questions direct and update your progress at any time without coming into clinic. I'll help you to understand the changes that are taking place internally, crack the code of your emotions and belief systems, old habits and patterns, or just be there to have a chat when you are having a challenging day.

Wait there's more... you'll get a FREE BONUS... A '7 Part Wellness Toolkit'... easy to understand, online resources you can take and implement into your week that will help you form new rhythms and rituals to support your health and well being, for the long term.

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You'll also receive an A5 daily journal to record your observations, make plans and goals, plus my trusted 'sleep sachets' to prepare you for restful slumber every night.


Confidence & Satisfaction Guaranteed...

I've personally invested a lot of time and resources into creating this program and gone to great lengths to ensure that you get the health result you sign up for.  In fact, if you are not able to get the result you were promised and you can show me proof that you followed my directions to get the result, I promise you can call me up and you can have your money back, no questions asked.

How does that sound?


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