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    Learn to use language that speaks to your ideal client, that resonates with them and gains their trust in you as an expert. Be unique, your voice and how it is used to solve the problems of others is the only thing that counts, really!

I'll help you navigate the minefield of every growing social media channels so you understand what content to post and where. I've tried and tested so you won't have to. When you know the process, you'll make a difference.

I've heard this so many times... "I can't charge more because.... " It's time to get real and brave. Change the stories and mindset around what you are worth. Make no compromises and deliver treatments that serve clients and yourself.


Hey there, welcome!,

When I moved from the UK to Sydney in 2015, we hadn't settled on where we were going to live, let alone how I was going about starting my business again from scratch. A foreign country move felt intimidating and exciting at the same time, with no network offriends, colleagues, referrals to my name. Almost 2 years into it and I have built my practice up from zero to a thriving business now charging 3x what fellow therapists are billing because I packaged my services and embraced a solid marketing system using Online Marketing, Facebook and Video, and more.

My initial throes at finding clients in a city that had very little knowledge of Reflexology, and mostly very familiar with Acupuncture and Massage, were interesting to say the least. I knew that if I was to reach many people, the only efficient way to do this was online.


I was inconsistent, had a lack of knowledge, had a catch-all approach to gaining clients and at low times, panicked that I made the right decision to move.  BUT, you have to start somewhere and you grow and build, and learn and grow and build some more until you really find your voice, gain a rhythm, and a stream of quality clients that love what you do for them.  Real Heart Work.

You may be just starting out in your therapy career. You may have been a therapist for a long time and would like to catch the social media wave, grow your business to bigger heights or find better quality clients that you'd much rather deal with.

All it takes is discipline and the know-how and before you know it you'll have more of the right income and more time doing the thing you love.

So before you start giving me loads of excuses as to why you can't do it, or your business is different and it won't work for you, just stop there... IT CAN!