Reflexology is a subtle, relaxing, holistic therapy that works on the principle that the feet and hands mirror internal organs, glands and structures of the body.  Gentle pressure is applied to all areas of the feet, face or hands with either the thumbs, fingers or hot stones to stimulate defined reflex points.

Reflexology is an ancient therapy that is used to treat the person as a whole rather than just relieving particular symptoms, it encourages the body to heal itself.  Treatments aim to focus on the root of a problem by clearing internal blockages in body systems, encouraging toxin release and help to restore your body's health and natural balance, improving your general health, relieving tension and stress and promoting vitality and well being. 

It's a treatment that works wonderfully alongside orthodox medicine, from acute illness to chronic conditions or for those in palliative care for example. Treatment effectiveness works on an individual basis and results vary from client to client, everyone has a different level of response. However, there isn't anyone I have treated that hasn't seen an improvement in their overall well being over time, and all clients report feeling soothed after just one Reflexology session.

So, what's certain is that immediately after the first treatment, Reflexology will leave you feeling calmer and more positive; and longer term, full of vitality with conditions feeling less painful and debilitating.

I have experience in supporting clients with, but not limited to:

  • Digestive issues - IBS, Colitis, Constipation
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Secondary Lymphoedema
  • General oedema and swelling
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Hormonal concerns - for example; PMT, irregular periods, menopause, thyroid issues
  • Stress, anxiety and tension
  • Autoimmune conditions - diverticulosis, MS
  • Muscular and joint aches and pains, anywhere in the body including hips, legs and back
  • Circulation problems - for example; Raynaud's disease
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Insomnia
  • Allergies - Hay fever, rashes, skin irritations and conditions
  • Fertility issues - supporting assisted and natural conception
  • Common ailments associated with pregnancy


Why Reflexology?

Reflexology is regarded as a very safe therapy.  Reflexology works on an individual basis and therefore the outcome of a treatment will vary from person to person.  That said, treatments can have many positive effects, at the very least clients leave a treatment with an overwhelming sense of well being. Here are a few overall benefits of Reflexology:

Better circulation
Improved lymph flow
Increased energy levels
Relief from stress, tension and anxiety
Pain relief
Better quality sleep
Mood enhancing
Overall sense of well being and positivity

Suitable for all ages, from babies to the elderly, Reflexology can bring relief to many health conditions and disorders.  It is felt that Reflexology can be particularly beneficial to those with hormonal imbalances and digestive issues.


How long is a Reflexology treatment?

Please allow 1 hour for a treatment.  The session includes the warming up of both feet, full routine then finishing with a foot massage using a nourishing oil and home care advice.

For those who are new to my Reflexology treatments, the first visit will be just over an hour long.  This allows some time to first discuss your health history and lifestyle and provide you with an explanation of what treatments entail, in order to tailor the treatment to your individual needs.  All information you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence.

After each treatment, some home care advice is provided.  This may be in the form of relaxation exercises or hand reflexology points that can be done at home in between treatments to further enhance your experience.

Treatments are generally shorter for elderly clients as well as babies and young children.

Shorter, 'Taster' treatments are 30 mins long for those people who are short on time and for those who want to try Reflexology for the first time. Tasters are available on Tuesday's only at Rozelle clinic.


What happens during a Reflexology treatment?

Your first treatment includes a full health and lifestyle history, to tailor your reflexology treatment to your individual needs.  The treatment itself takes place while fully dressed and on bare feet, on a Relaxation Couch or a Recliner Chair in a warm, light room.  Pressure is applied to the feet using a variety of specialist moves with the thumbs and fingers, you should leave feeling calm and relaxed.  Treatment is not painful and I promise it will not tickle!  Should it not be possible to apply treatments to certain areas of the feet because of pain, illness or health condition for example, then techniques can be applied effectively to the hands instead.  Your first treatment allows me to assess the current behaviour of all body systems, to see where there are areas of imbalance.  This blueprint is important for two reasons, it is the starting point for focusing on organs and systems related to your particular health concerns and it's really useful for tracking your health and well being improvements as sessions progress.


How often should I have Reflexology?

The number of treatments recommended depends on the individual and their specific needs.  It is not uncommon to have regular, weekly treatments initially (4-5) until the body gets into the flow of balancing itself, then moving to monthly for a top up and to maintain the body's natural healing process. 

However, there is no finite answer to this question and there is no pressure or commitment.  If you have just the 1 treatment, you'll feel the relaxing benefits straight away.  You'll probably sleep better any stress will disperse and your circulation and immunity will get a little boost.

I see clients weekly, monthly or even once or twice a year.  But, if you are asking me personally, as a general rule, I recommend brand new clients to book a course of 4-6 treatments.

You can take advantage of a special offer when pre-paying for a series of treatments.  Book and pay for 5, and you will get the 6th Free.

Some clients don't always have a health condition they'd like help with, they simply see Reflexology as their opportunity for some much needed 'time out', and come to relax and unwind as often as they can fit into their busy schedules. Whatever fits your needs, Reflexology sessions are beneficial in maintaining health and well being too.  It should also be seen as a preventative, as well as a remedial therapy.


Are there any situations when I should not have a Reflexology treatment?

You should not have a treatment if you are feeling unwell with a high temperature or have flu-like aches and pains.  However, current medical issues will be discussed prior to all treatments to assess suitability as some medical conditions are 'contraindicated', where treatment should be avoided.



Reflexologists do not diagnose or cure.  As with all complimentary therapies, Reflexology works alongside the conventional healthcare system and allows us to take some responsibility for our own health and well being, leaving us rewarded and fulfilled. If you have an existing condition that is being managed by a GP or medical professional, please consult them prior to receiving a Reflexology treatment.

Reflexology should not be regarded as an alternative to seeking professional medical advice.

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